Activities for a Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Activities for your Hello Kitty birthday party can be simple and sweet .

Start the party off with some dress-up play time. Gather all your fun dress-up clothing or borrow some from friends. Girls will love big hats, feather boas, filly dresses, high-heeled dress shoes, costume jewelry and tiaras. Have each girl get dressed up and add some stick-on jewels and body glitter for a finishing touch.

Create a Scavenger Hunt by hiding plenty of Stick-on Jewels, Crystal Rings, Glitter Bracelets, and other small, inexpensive treasures, and letting the girls search for them.

A fun craft kit such as the Shrinky Dink Charm Bracelet Kit is a great addition to your party. Guests will enjoy making their own charm bracelets.

A Flower Piñata is sure to be a hit. Guests will love taking a crack at it trying to break out the candy filler. This is a party classic sure to be a hit.

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