ShindigZ Theme Decorations Great for Parade Floats Too

ShindigZ customers have found another great use for ShindigZ theme kits…decorating parade floats!

Because our theme kits are large, easy-to-use and great for adding that extra something special to any theme, they’re a natural fit for making parade float decorating easier. While we still carry the classic parade float supplies such as tissue pomps (tissue squares), pomps paste, floral sheeting, and festooning, our theme kits make creating outstanding float decorations easier.

Imagine building a gingerbread house float out of 2x4s, chicken wire and tissue squares. With our Gingerbread Theme Decorations, the Bidle Family was able to create this awesome float much more easily. Plus, the theme kits add an extra polish to the parade float.

Other great items for your floats include our personalized vinyl banners. They come in smaller sizes for adding to the back of your float or huge sizes for carrying in the parade—seven different sizes in all. The banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and can be printed with your custom wording.

There’s so many ways to use Theme Party Decorations to create awesome parade floats. For more ideas on how to build and decorate parade floats, check out our Parade Floats Blog. We always love to hear about your parade floats and party ideas!

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