Invitations for a Fairytale Friends Birthday Party

A Disney Fairytale Friends birthday party is just perfect for the birthday girl who’s a big fan of the Disney Princesses.

Once you’ve selected Fairytale Friends as your party theme, decide on a party slogan to use on party invitations, personalized banners and custom favors. Here are some of our suggestions for Fairytale Friends slogans:
• “Come Join the Fairytale Friends for Tiff’s Birthday”
• “Have an Enchanted Day at Susan’s Party”
• “Fairytale Magic Awaits You at Megan’s Birthday Party”

After you select your slogan, create invitations for your party.

The Disney Fairytale Friends Party Kit includes a fun Disney Princesses invitation that you can write your party details in and mail out to your guests. Include a pinch of castle confetti for an extra surprise.

If you can hand-deliver your invitations, create them on the computer and attach them with curling ribbon to a princess favor such as a pink princess pen or a pink marabou tiara.

Be sure to check out our other Disney Fairytale Friends birthday party tips.

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