Decorations for a Disney Fairytale Friends Birthday Party

Decorations for your Disney Fairytale Friends party should be simple and elegant, fit for birthday girl royalty.

Outdoor decorations:

Our weather resistant personalized Fairytale Princess Personalized Banner will provide a regal greeting for the young princesses.  Every birthday girl loves to see her name on display!

Attach a bouquet of helium-filled balloons to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day!

Indoor Decorations:

Start your decorating with the Disney Fairytale Friends Party Kit, which includes decorations such as iridescent star confetti, pearl pink balloons, metallic yellow balloons, cerise curling ribbon, and a new pink tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes fuchsia crepe streamers, yellow crepe streamers and pink glitter heart candles.

“Once Upon a Time”…some precious little girls entered an enchanting Castle Gate.  All the princesses will thrill at the sight of what awaits them. Our castle gate makes an absolutely wonderful photo backdrop and can easily be moved indoors for hours of imaginative play!

Our Princess Castle makes a lovely backdrop for keepsake photos and for a procession of pretty-in-pink princesses.  Your daughter will enjoy countless hours of make-believe magic in this precious castle long after the party ends. If your daughter’s favorite color is lavendar instead of pink, treat her to a dreamy Castle Entrance instead of a Princess Castle.

A Coloring Throne provides just the right spot for the birthday girl to sit as she opens her gifts and thanks all her super-special friends for joining her on her special day.

Send us a picture of your beautiful birthday girl engaged in her favorite activity or dressed up as her favorite Barbie princess, and we’ll create a Customized Birthday Memories Mural.  This decoration will delight her at the party, and will adorn a wall in her bedroom for many years to come.

Tie bows with Sparkle Netting across the top of each chair back. The bows can be cut to any length, and even look lovely with tails trailing on the floor. Make bows to hang anywhere and everywhere…chairs, doorways, tree trunks, stair rails, deck posts, gift packages or table-ends. The bows hold their shape beautifully at a fraction of the cost of wired ribbon.

Balloons can economically transform any room into a festive space in a matter of minutes by using some of the following ideas:
-Tie Curling Ribbon to helium filled balloons and group them together. (Odd numbers look best: three, five or seven) Place groupings of balloons around the party room.
-Tie a bunch of helium-filled balloons to the birthday child’s chair, or tie one balloon to the back of each chair.
-If you choose not to use helium, tie balloons to varying lengths of curling ribbon and hang from the ceiling, or from a light fixture over the party table.

Streamers offer an economical way to splash lots of color around the site of the party.  Create a fun and colorful effect by draping pink and purple metallic streamers from the center of the ceiling to the walls on each side of the room. They also look terrific hanging from doorframes or cascading vertically down walls.
Table Decorations:

A well-decorated table can really pull all your decorations together. Decorate your tables with the Disney Fairytale Friends Party Kit.

Start by covering your tables with the Disney Princess Fairytale Tablecover. Over the top, scatter iridescent star confetti. In the center add a Disney Princess Fairytale Centerpiece.

Next, set the table with Disney Fairytale Friends Tableware including heart-shaped plates and coordinating cups and napkins. Create bundles of cutlery using napkins and curling ribbon.

Party favors make great decorations too. At each place set a daisy swirl lip gloss, a princess jewel sticker, or a personalized enchanted princess button.

Be sure to check out our other Fairytale Friends TipZ and tell us your ideas!

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