Under Construction Party Activity Ideas and TipZ

Let those who arrive early play with bubbles while they wait for all the guests to arrive.

Our personalized Giant 3-D Bulldozer is the ultimate construction decoration, and it will be the hub of all the activity at the party!  Take the time to have each guest pose alone, and with the birthday child for pictures in the bulldozer.  The photos can then be mailed to each guest with a thank you note at a later date.  Make sure that each child gets a turn pulling the lever in the cab.

Building and moving dirt is a thrill for kids who love construction equipment. Set the stage for a construction project that all the kids can be involved in as a team.  Let the birthday boy act as supervising foreman on the job. If you can find an old set of blueprints, that would be a fun prop for the birthday boy to carry as he leads his crew.

First, have the little builders clear the construction site of all the boulders.  Provide dump trucks, wheelbarrows, and other play construction equipment to help them get the job done.  One 4’ X 50’ roll of our gray Solid Color Flat Paper will go a long way.  Cut off large sections of paper, and crumple them up to make boulders of varying sizes.  Place the boulders all around your construction site.

After the site is cleared, let the kids create an asphalt road out of the flat paper.  This can be as long or short as you want it to be. Provide yellow poster paint, and let them paint the centerlines in the road.
After the road is paved, the building project can begin!  We have a Color-Your-Own House that the kids can build and then decorate. Put Party Zone streamers around the perimeter of the house, and provide additional poster paint, masking tape, construction signs, etc. for the kids to add to the house.  Encourage each child to add his or her own handy-work to the house, and it will be a keepsake that will be played with long after the party ends.

When the project is complete, celebrate by showering the kids with goodies from a wonderful Dump Truck piñata.  Try using a lightweight hammer or rubber mallet as the bat.

Run a foreman training relay between two teams or set up an obstacle course.  You’ll need two oversized orange construction vests or flannel shirts, two tool belts, two pairs of oversized men’s work boots, two construction hats, some orange cones to race through, and massive boulders (gray flat paper) to avoid. You can make the game more challenging by giving the teams wheelbarrows to run through the course, or a toy dump truck filled with water or dirt.

Play this game using the same concept as the classic game of musical chairs…one less hat than there are children for each round.  Use our Traffic Light in place of music, and turn the light off and on as the children play.  Place construction hats on a table that the kids must walk around while the light is flashing.  When the light is turned off, the kids must scramble to put on a hat. The child without a hat must leave the game, and the game continues with one less hat until there is one child remaining – the winner.

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