Invitation Ideas for an Under Construction Theme Party

An Under Construction theme birthday party is a fantastic idea for birthday boys ages 5-12. You can customize the party further for a specific age group by adjusting your party activities accordingly.

Once you’ve selected Under Construction as your party theme, decide on a party slogan. The slogan can be used on invitations and personalized party favors. Here are some suggestions:
• “Can We Party? Yes We Can!”
• Come Help Mark Build His Best Ever Birthday Party”
• “Caution! Hard Hats Required for this Much Fun”

Once you’ve selected Under Construction as your party theme, create invitations to send out to your guests.

You can make simple hard-hat invitations using yellow flat paper and markers. Cutout each invitation in the shape of a hard hat and use the markers to write the party details on each. The birthday boy can help you with this part of the party by cutting the invites or adding some construction stickers to each invitation.

If you plan to hand deliver your invitations, attach them to party favors such as plastic hard hats or construction badges. Guests can wear these items to the party and be set for enjoying the theme!

Be sure to check out our other Under Construction Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!

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  • DONT FORGET PINK HARD HATS FOR THE LADIES at any construction theme party… the ladies love ‘em…

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