Decorations for an Under Construction Theme Party

Decorating for your Under Construction party is simple and fun with these tips!

Outdoor decorations:

Our Construction Yard Sign is a must to mark the party site! Add a Construction Zone Party Sign to the sidewalk in front of your home, or to the bottom of the driveway.

Place orange cones around the perimeter of your construction site, and rope off all the areas that might be hazardous with Construction Party Zone Streamers.  Run the streamers between trees, around porches, and anywhere else that unauthorized personnel should avoid!  The cones can also be used for several party activities.

For the area where most of the party activity will take place, our personalized Giant 3-D Bulldozer or Rotating Crane Decoration is the ultimate construction decoration!  Pull the lever on the bulldozer and the shovel moves.  Lifting boulders (paper) will be a cinch.  If the party needs to move indoors, this cardboard and corrugated big rig can easily be hauled to any party location.
Attach a bouquet of helium filled balloons to a light post or mailbox so there will be no mistaking where the fun will be that day!

Indoor Decorations:

Start  your decorations with the Under Construction Party Kit which includes tableware, thank you notes, red star confetti, orange balloons, blue balloons, yellow curling ribbon, and a chocolate brown tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes an Under Construction foil balloon, orange crepe streamers, blue crepe streamers and silver spiral candles.

Giant Tools can hang on walls or outside the tool shed.  Just imagine the size of the nails, bolts, and lug nuts these tools could handle!

One 4’ X 50’ roll of our gray solid color flat paper will go a long way in your decorating, and you’ll have plenty left to use for games and activities.  Cut off large sections of paper, and crumple them up to make giant boulders of varying sizes.  Place the boulders all around your construction site.  The paper can also be laid on the ground to create an asphalt road.

Balloons can economically transform any room or yard into a festive space in a matter of minutes by using some of the following ideas:
-Use a helium tank to fill balloons.  Tie Curling Ribbon to balloons, and group them together. (Odd numbers look best: 3, 5, or 7) Place groupings of balloons around the party site.
-Tie a bunch of helium filled balloons to the birthday child’s chair, or tie one balloon to the back of each chair.

Table Decorations:

Table decorations can really bring your whole theme together. Create your party tables with the Under Construction Ensemble.

First, cover the table with the Under Construction Tablecover. Sprinkle red star confetti over the surface. Create a centerpiece using items such as construction hardhats, construction zone trucks and Under Construction cone molded candles.

Edge your tables with Under Construction warning tape. It says “Birthday Zone” on the traditional yellow and black caution tape.

Party favors also make great table decorations at each place setting add personalized construction buttons, metal whistles, construction hard hats and keep on truckin’ stickers.

Be sure to check out our other Under Construction TipZ.

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  • “For the area where most of the party activity will take place, our personalized Giant 3-D Bulldozer or Rotating Crane Decoration is the ultimate construction decoration! Pull the lever on the bulldozer and the shovel moves. Lifting boulders (paper) will be a cinch. ”

    Where do I find this…I’ve searched the website and can’t find it!!!

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