Invitations for a Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Your little girlie girl will love a Fairytale Princess birthday party! It’s just the thing for an afternoon or evening of fantastic fun.

Once you’ve chosen Fairytale Princess as your party theme, the next step is to settle on a slogan. Here are some of our ideas for Fairytale Princess slogans:
•    “Her Majesty, Princess Karry requests your attendance at her party.”
•    “Princess Karry decrees it Party Time!”
•    “Calling all Princesses to a Fairytale Party”

Once you’ve selected Fairytale Princess for your theme create invitations to get all the princesses in on the fun.

The Fairytale Princess Party Kit includes a fun invitation that you can write your party details on. Toss in a pinch of castle confetti and send them in the mail!

Our Personalized Castle Invitation is another great choice. You can have your wording custom printed on the invite.

If you can hand-deliver your invitations, print some up on your computer and attach them with curling ribbon to mini glass slippers or daisy swirl lip gloss.

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