Dora and Friends Activities for a Birthday Party

A Dora party just wouldn’t be complete without some fun games and activities.  Treat the birthday girl to a Dora the Explorer costume to wear at the party, so she’ll be a standout.

Let those who arrive early play with bubbles while they wait for the other guests to arrive.

Recruit a sibling or neighbor to play the role of Swiper the Fox.  As each party guest arrives with a gift, have Swiper swipe the gift, fill his black sack (a black trash bag will work), and escape.  We have a terrific little black mask that will disguise a big brother enough to have the kids yelling, “Swiper no swiping!”

Using our Mini Soccer Balls, you can play a Dora style obstacle game.  Just like Dora and her friends, the kids will have to overcome obstacles before getting to the goal.  The goal of this game is to try to find the presents that have been swiped!  The kids will need to see a map showing them what they will need to do to complete the obstacle course.  “Kick your ball around the big rock in the garden (slippery rock), through the sand box (icky-sticky sand), under the leaves of the big oak tree, over the snaking sprinkler (bridge), and finally into the goal!” Each child who reaches the goal gets to keep the special soccer ball.  When everyone has had a turn, have Swiper reappear with the gifts, and lead the gang as they sing the “We did it song!”

We offer a wonderful Dora the Explorer Pinata, and we’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t want to grab some goodies from one at a party!   Ask the children to join in as you count in Spanish – uno, dos, tres tries for everyone!

Play this game using the same concept as the classic game of musical chairs…one less hat than there are children for each round.  Place a pile of Sombreros on a table that the kids must walk around while the music is playing.  When the music is turned off, the kids must scramble to put on a hat. The child without a hat must leave the game, and the game continues with one less hat until there is one child remaining – the winner.

Play “Dora, Boots, Swiper”, which is a simple variation on the timeless “Duck, Duck, Goose” game.
Instead of “Simon Says”, play “Dora Dice” (this is the Spanish word for “says”, and it is pronounced as dee-say.)

If you have extra time because the children have moved quickly through your planned activities, play Leap Frog, Freeze Tag or Freeze Dancing.

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