Activities for a Cinderella Dreamland Birthday Party

A Cinderella Dreamland party just wouldn’t be complete without some fairytale magic. This theme is perfect for little girls and the activities that follow will guarantee many “dream come true” memories!

Games and Activities:

Gather all the fun dress-up clothing you can find (or borrow from friends)…fun, frilly dresses (size is completely irrelevant), feather boas, faux fur wraps, high-heeled play shoes, capes, etc. As each guest arrives, invite her into the royal wardrobe to dress up. After each guest has selected an outfit befitting a princess on her way to the ball, apply some royal makeup. Girls love this part!  Finally, a castle party just wouldn’t be complete without tiaras, scepters and sashes.  We offer some wonderful princess costumes that would make a delightful gift for the birthday princess and would be terrific additions to a dress-up box for many years to come.

Palace Parade – After all the party guests have dressed up, have the birthday child lead a palace parade through the backyard or through the house with the help of a tambourine or other musical instrument. The beaming smiles of the children during the spirited parade will provide a perfect photo opportunity and some priceless video footage. As the girls walk through the Castle Entrance Decoration, have Dad or another good sport introduce each princess by saying (for example), “Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Princess Brianna of Birmingham has arrived at the Ball!”

The girls will delight in learning how to waltz.  Play some simple waltz music, and teach them the box step, how to curtsy, and how to put a gloved hand forward for a kiss from Prince Charming.  You’ll be guaranteed to hear lots of giggles from the precious princesses!

Our exclusive Coloring Throne provides just the right spot for the birthday Cinderella to sit as she opens her gifts.  Allow each guest to add a small message or special drawing to the throne to personalize this darling keepsake.

Play a princess version of the tried and true party game of Hot Potato using a mini glass slipper (made of plastic). Have the children stand in a circle. While the music is playing, they need to pass the shoe to one another as quickly as possible. When the music stops, the child holding shoe will be out. Continue playing until only one child remains.

Musical Tiaras – Play this game using the same concept as the classic game of musical chairs…one less tiara than there are children for each round.  Place Rhinestone or Sequin Tiaras on a table that the princesses must walk around while the music is playing. When the music is turned off, the girls must scramble to put on a tiara. The child without a tiara must leave the game and the game continues with one less crown until there is one child remaining – the Queen!  The tiaras can then be used as favors!

We offer a wonderful Cinderella Dreamland piñata and we’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t want to take a swing at one at a party!  Try using a broom from Cinderella’s old kitchen as the bat.


Royal Goblets – Let all the royal subjects decorate simply beautiful imprinted glassware with Stick-on Jewels or sequins. The glasses make an extra special party favor and can even be filled with goodies after the children decorate them.

Palace Perfect Posing – For each party guest, you’ll need a simple frame, a supply of faux jewels or sequins, and some tacky glue.  Prior to the party, use a metallic gold paint pen and write each guest’s name, along with her royal title on the top edge of the frame, or our acrylic frames can be imprinted with a special message.  Allow the children to decorate the frames and pose for a royal portrait in the Castle Entrance with the birthday girl. Use either a Polaroid camera to send a picture home with each guest or mail keepsake photos at a later date with thank you notes.

Magical Wands – Purchase one giant Pixie Stick for each child. Attach two 4″ Shimmer Stars to the top of each Pixie Stick, attaching them back-to-back to the paper label. Let the children decorate the wands with stickers, Stick-On Jewels, and trailing streamers made from Curling Ribbon. The leftover stars can be used for decorating the kingdom. The “magical fairy dust” inside the wand is a big-hit bonus even if it won’t turn pumpkins into horse drawn carriages!

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