Activities for an Abby Cadabby Birthday Bash

A party just isn’t a party without party games. Here are our ideas for a fantastically fun Abby Cadabby party:

Have personalized birthday bubbles imprinted with your child’s party slogan. Big Bird loves bubbles and pint-sized guests will too!

Face painting is an age appropriate activity for a toddler party, and we have some easy-to-use face paint crayons that wash off easily. A simple balloon, a flower, a big #1 or a fuzzy monster face would all be easy to create and fun!

Give each child a helium-filled balloon and have a furry monster parade, complete with marching music!  Dress the birthday child up as Abby and let her lead the parade! Add foam noses and rainbow wigs to all the children and make sure your video camera is ready to capture some priceless footage!

Play “Cookie Monster is Hungry”, borrowing from the concept of the tried and true game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw a circle outline on a piece of brown poster board and use unwrapped Hershey’s kisses as chocolate chips. Blindfold each participant as his/her turn arrives, spin, point in the right direction, and watch your cookie fill with chips. Look out for Cookie Monster!

Abby Cadabby Shuffle! – Using a stuffed Abby Cadabby doll, play this variation on the classic Hot Potato game. Have players sit in a circle and pass Abby until the music stops. The player left holding Abby when the music stops is out, and gets tickled. Keep passing Abby until only one player is left. You could play a variation on this game if you have the “Tickle Me Elmo,” Whoever is holding him when he stops giggling is out. If you have “Rock N’ Roll Ernie, whoever is holding him when he stops jamming is out.

Check out our Abby Cadabby Party Favors for game prizes and tell us your Abby Cadabby game ideas!

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