Abby Cadabby Invitations for a Magical Birthday Bash

Abby Cadabby is the cutest muppet to hit Sesame Street since Elmo! Little girls love her and Abby Cadabby is a magical theme for your next birthday party.

Once you choose Abby Cadabby for your theme, the next step is to choose a slogan and send out invitations. Slogans are great for adding a personal touch to invitations, banners and personalized favors. Here are our suggestions for an Abby Cadabby party slogan:

• “This Party is So Magic”
• “Pop in for an Abby Cadabby Party”
• “Come Help Wish Maddie a Magical Birthday!”


Send out invitations for your Abby Cadabby party full of fun and flair.

The Abby Cadabby Party Kit includes an Abby Cadabby invitation. You just write in your party details and send them out.

For a hand-delivered invitation, use curling ribbon to tie an invitation you make on the computer to a pair of pink marabou head boppers. Guests can wear the head boppers to your party and look just like Abby!

If you want guests to dress as their favorite Sesame Street character, be sure to include that information on your invitations.

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