Abby Cadabby Birthday Party Decorations for A Magical Day

The birthday girl will love her Abby Cadabby birthday party. Decorate with all this fairy’s flair using the Abby Cadabby Kit-N-Kaboodle. The kit includes the tableware you need for 8 guests, purple star confetti, lavender balloons, pink balloons, purple curling ribbon and a bright pink tablecover. The Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle includes more decorations such as an Abby Cadabby banner, heart-shaped mylar balloon, silver spiral candles, blue crepe streamers, and fuchsia crepe streamers.

The Abby Cadabby Party Kit just sets the base for your decorations. There’s plenty of items you can add to really fill out the look. Hang a Cutie Pie Personalized Vinyl Banner to welcome guests to the party with your custom birthday greeting.

Create a fantastic entrance to your Abby Cadabby party using a Personalized Rainbow Arch. You can add the guest of honor’s name to the rainbow. It’s perfect for taking commemorative photos with too!

Hang an Abby Cadabby hinged banner across your party space for a fun accent that really brings out your party theme.

Don’t forget about balloons! They’re a classic party decoration and can really go a long way. Create balloon clusters in pink and lavender. Be sure to use odd numbers as they look best. Use curling ribbon to secure balloon bunches to the backs of chairs, banisters or balloon weights. Accent your balloon bunches with heart-shaped mylar balloons.

Table Decorations:

A well-decorated party table is a great focal point for tying all your theme decorations together. Create your Abby Cadabby table by starting with an Abby Cadabby tablecover. Over top, sprinkle purple star confetti. In the middle add an Abby Cadabby centerpiece.

Each place setting can be a decoration. Set each place with Abby Cadabby tableware. Next, place an Abby Cadabby cone hat at each place. Create cutlery bundles with Abby Cadabby napkins and curling ribbon. You can also choose to add a small favor or two, such as a lipgloss or birthday bubbles at each place.

Your tables will look great! Check out our other Abby Cadabby tips for more ideas.

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