Winning Decorations for a High School Musical Party

Set a spunky scene for your High School Musical birthday party. Decorations should be vibrant and fun. Plus, you have a built-in color scheme: the Wildcat’s colors (red and white).

Start off your decorating with the High School Musical Party Kit. It contains tons of supplies to get your party looking really cool. The kit includes invitations, tableware, star confetti, red balloons, with balloons, silver curling ribbon, and a tablecover.  The Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle includes more decorations such as a High School Musical Banner, a HSM mylar balloon, silver spiral candles, red crepe streamers and white crepe streamers.

Welcome guests to your party with a personalized megaphone vinyl banner custom printed with your birthday message. Plus, add the High School Musical yard sign to your walkway.

Add more decorations to fill out the base you’ve created using the Kit-N-Kaboodle. High School Musical Danglers are great for hanging from the ceiling. They add an extra dimension to your party decorating by making good use of the space above guests’ heads.

Really set the scene with a High School Musical Backdrop. Guests can even take their pictures with this decoration, which features their favorite HSM characters. Accent the rest of the walls in your party space with die-cut music notes.

Invite the stars of High School Musical to your party with the Troy Bolton Standee and Gabriella Montez Standee. The life-sized cardboard standees make great decorations as well as keepsakes when your party is over. Plus, guests will love taking commemorative photos with the standees.

Don’t forget balloons! These are classic party decorations that may be simple but they can go a long way. Create balloon clusters of odd numbers and secure them with curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or balloon weights. Spice the clusters up by adding a High School Musical mylar balloon to each.

Table Decorations:

The High School Musical Kit-N-Kaboodle is full of the tableware—plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery—you need to serve party food, but don’t forget to decorate your tables. A well-decorated table can really create a focal point to tie all your decorations together.

Cover your tables with High School Musical tablecovers. Over the top, sprinkle red metallic star confetti and add a High School Musical centerpiece.

Add place settings around your table. Tie your cutlery in bundles with curling ribbon and your High School Musical napkins.

Don’t forget your cake!

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  • i love high school musical in the whole world i want our whole house high school musical i also wish that the whole world is high school musical all of my stuff are already high school musical everything i wish that everything is high school musical!

  • I love high school musical so so so so much, i want my school to be like east high its so cool and really fun with all the singing. lol

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