Awesome Activities for a High School Musical Party

There’s tons of easy ways to have fun at a High School Musical party.

Perhaps the easiest idea that’s a ton of fun is to actually watch the High School Musical movie(s). Pop some popcorn and dim the lights for theatrical fun. This is an especially fun activity for guests who haven’t actually seen High School Musical (or those who just really like it).

Additionally, host some karaoke or a sing-a-long using the songs from the High School Musical movies. Guests will have a great time laughing with (or at) each other trying to remember the lyrics.

For a really active activity, practice some basketball drills like the guys on the Wildcats’ team. Set up orange cheerphones (cones) around the room or driveway in a zig-zag or other pattern. Guests can take turns dribbling a basketball through the obstacle course or they can work together for a fun team race. The possibilities are limitless. If guests don’t want to participate, they can use red and white spirit poms to cheer from the sidelines!

Send guests back to school with a High School Musical trivia quiz. No cheating!

ShindigZ offers a High School Musical piñata. Guests will have a blast trying to set the candy inside loose.

Check out our High School Musical party favors to stock up on prizes for any of your party games and tell us your High School Musical party activity ideas!

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