Timeline for Hosting a Fantastic Vacation Bible School

In order to have everything ready on time for your Vacation Bible School you need to get a jump start on your planning.

2 – 3 Months Before
• Set a budget
• Get an idea of how many children will attend (base it off your past events)
• Pick out your theme, begin purchasing decorations, and favors
• Begin to think about how many teachers and helpers you will need and start recruiting
• Get some craft ideas together

1 Month Before
• Make sure you have all of your help lined up
• Begin holding meeting with your helpers to make sure everyone is on the same page
• Make and send out invitations and flyers to the neighborhood children
• Begin thinking about snack foods to go with your theme and line people up to help out with it

2 – 3 Weeks Before
• Decide what games you want to play and make sure you have everything you need for them
• Make as much food as you can ahead of time and freeze it
• Pick out some songs to sing and have someone lined up to play the piano for you
• If you had to order any decorations, favors, or information packets for teachers, make sure everything is in order and will be delivered on time

1 Week Before
• Begin to set up decorations
• Make sure you have everything for your crafts and activities
• Check to make sure all of your favors have arrived
• Go over everything with your teachers and helpers
• Make sure your snack makers know what the are making and when you need to have it

1 Day Before
• Take care of any last minute business
• Get a good nights rest

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