Decorate to Make a Splash at Your Summer Fun Party

If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool or beach in your own backyard or party site, you are 90% there when it comes to all the decorations you need! For added fun and atmosphere, try some of these ideas:

• Use pool and beach props around the yard . . . beach towels, beach umbrellas, beach balls, flippers and snorkels, beach hats, pool goggles, Igloo coolers, and a volleyball set.
• Palm trees are the ultimate beach mood setter!
• Hang a few Life Preserver Wall Graphics around the area to create an authentic feel!
• If you think there is a chance that people will still be splashing after dark, hang some twinkle lights from surrounding branches to create a summer party glow!
• A beach setting wouldn’t be complete without sea gulls flying overhead! Hang a few of the birds from the eaves of a rooftop at varying heights, and play a CD of waves crashing and seagulls scavenging. Set one or two on the food tables for a realistic beach scene, along with a pleading sign. . . “Please don’t feed the seagulls!”
• Grab a couple of sawhorses and place a surfboard across them to serve as a fun buffet table.

Table Decorations:
• Definitely use plastic tableware to make your cleanup job a snap. Choose a sunny fun shade of yellow to brighten up the day – even if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate!
• Place a Tropical  Hurricane Cup at each placesetting for a bright and colorful accessory.
• Keep your drinks cool with hibiscus ice cube shapes.
• Choose bright yellow or red napkins and imprint with your fun wording and design! They make great favors for your guests.

Summer Fun Party Supplies

For every party there are a few basic elements that you need no matter what your theme. All of these items will work whether you are hosting an intimate family holiday gathering or an elegant dinner party for business. The quantity you will need, of course, depends on your budget and the number of guests you expect.
• Balloons
• Centerpieces
• Confetti
• Curling Ribbon
• Beverages
• Favors
• Flowers – fresh are best!
• Food
• Appetizers
• Main Course
• Desserts
• Cake
• Glassware
• Gossamer – a beautiful lightweight decorating material!
• Invitations
• Mood Lighting
• Candles
• Luminaries
• Party Lights
• Twinkle Lights
• Music – background or dancing
• Personalized Napkins
• Placecards
• Punch Bowl or Pitchers
• Serving Trays
• Plastic Cutlery
• Streamers
• Table Covers and Skirting
• Tableware
• Tables and Chairs

and most importantly…an attitude of fun! Take the time to find all the joyous wonders of the season as you celebrate.

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