Reasons to Celebrate in June

BBQ-Party-KitWith June comes summer and tons of reasons to celebrate with your family and friends. Obvious reasons to party include Father’s Day and Flag Day, but there’s tons of other reasons to host a shindig.

Celebrate Family History Day with a Family Reunion! Check out our Family Reunion TipZ for ideas. There’s tons of fun ways to decorate: streamers, balloons, gossamer, cooridinating tableware. Or you can pick from tons of themes to make the reunion a big, fun event.

June 23rd is Great American Backyard Campout Day. Host a backyard barbeque. Check out our BBQ TipZ for ideas. Decorate with hamburger mylar balloons, the BBQ Party Ensemble, and a chef standee. This is a perfect party for a potluck.

June 21st is Baby Boomers Recognition Day. Host a retro themed party and gather your favoirte Baby Boomers for a fantastic night of dancing, story telling and fun. This party could even become an annual tradition. Decorate with the These are the Times Kit or Retro Romance Kit to set the scene for some serious reminiscing.

Check out these other reasons to celebrate and tell us your ideas!

* Father’s Day * Shavout* 3- Cheer Coach Day * 3- Cancer Survivors Day * 5- National Family Day * 5- World Environment Day * 6- Teacher’s Day * 8- Banana Split Day *  14- Flag Day * 14- Family History Day * 15- Dollars Against Diabetes Day * 21- Baby Boomers Recognition Day * 23- National Pink Day * 23- Great American Backyard Campout Day * 23- Public Service Day * 24- Celebration of the Senses *

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