Activities for a Magical Narnia Party

Children aged 8 and older are not always interested in having an at-home birthday party. Through some rite of passage, they are typically more “destination oriented”. A laser tag facility, paintball park, bowling alley, video arcade, or sports venue may seem more appealing, but you can change all that with one memory-making birthday bash!

The activities for this party can be set up as challenges if you wish. Begin by explaining to the kids that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will sit on the four thrones at the Castle of Cair Paravel. By earning points from each of the challenges that follow, they can be one of the chosen:

This party is all about good winning over evil. Allow time for the kids to engage in a spectacular climactic battle to free Narnia from the icy spell with plastic Swords and Pole Axes. Be sure that you set some firm ground rules about what is off-limits prior to giving the kids the go ahead!

Save Narnia from perpetual winter! Insert a small piece of wrapped candy into each Balloon before inflating them. After the balloons are inflated, use a permanent marker to label each balloon as a minion. Tell the kids that the balloons are the dreaded denizens of the White Witch’s wintry world: Black Dwarves, Minotaurs, Giants, Harpy, Ogres, Ankle Slicers, howling werewolves, Wolves, Ghouls, and Cyclops. Encourage them to stomp the minions by popping the balloons. For a fun twist on the game, for “round two”, don’t allow them to use their feet! The prize? The candy they uncover!
Play a game of Narnia Charades. List the characters, and have the kids act out the powers or character traits that each possesses. Start with the following characters, giving the kids a mix of good and evil:
Lucy (ability to heal, received Fire Flower cordial from Father Christmas, ability to ride and control wolves), Peter (oldest, strongest, received sword from Father Christmas), Susan (ability to use ranged weapons including snowballs and bow & arrow), Edmund (very agile, especially after he redeems himself), Aslan (noble and brave lion, sacrifices life to save Edmund, resurrected), Mr. Timnus (most famous Faun, uses Pan Pipes to send creatures to sleep), White Witch (bad ruler, cast wintry spell), Mr. & Mrs. Beaver (large network of hideaways and holes across Narnia), Mr. Fox (loyal to Aslan), Satyr (goat-like), Centaurs (part human, part horse, males – swords & hooves, females – archery), Minotaurs (part bull, part human, flails, kopesh swords, most dangerous), Ankle Slicers (fast & dangerous), Wolves (most common & lowest, guards for the Witch), Cyclops (impervious, axe wielding), Harpy (malicious winged creatures), Ogres (wooden clubs), Black Dwarves (fire arrows), Gray Wolf (only Peter can overcome.)

The White Witch has declared that anyone who sees a human in Narnia must report the news to her or be turned to stone! The ultimate party game for this theme is Freeze Tag or Freeze Dancing. If they don’t stop when the music stops…they will be turned to stone and out of the game!

The Pevensie children were sent from London to live in the country with their uncle because of wartime air raids. The adventure into the heart of Narnia began with a simple game of hide-and-seek. Regardless of the ages of your party guests…some games are such classics that they never go out of style!

Challenge the kids to try to match Susan’s ability to use ranged weapons, including snowballs. If you are fortunate enough to have real snow for your party, engage the kids in an old-fashioned snowball fight. If your climate isn’t ideal for snow…just take the party indoors. Add approximately one tablespoon of uncooked white rice to an uninflated 5″ White Balloon. Then inflate the balloon so that it is the size of a generous snowball. Repeat until you have filled a large trash bag with “snowballs”. This activity is guaranteed to generate howls of laughter!

If your child is “destination oriented”, take the kids to a local archery range for target practice. Most archery ranges have introductory group programs. Like the magical bow and arrows that Father Christmas gave to Susan, each arrow is sure to hit a mark of birthday magic!

Plan for time to have each of the children pose for a picture with the guest of honor in front of our version of mighty Aslan (Lion Cutout). The pictures can then be sent to each guest with a thank you note after the party. This priceless memento will be treasured for many years to come.

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