Food and Cake Ideas for a Chronicles of Narnia Party

This 39″ long Sword Cake is sure to delight your party guests as much as the sword delighted Peter when it was given to him by Father Christmas!

What You’ll Need:

9 X 13″ cake pan 
1 boxed white cake mix
2 – 16 oz. containers of ready-made frosting
Silver paste or food coloring for the blade of the sword.  If silver is not available to you, use black food coloring (use very little to create silver/gray frosting.) 
Gold paste or gel food coloring for handle
Black writing gel
2″ X 6″ board, cut to about 45″ in length, covered with aluminum foil or a red plastic table cover

One small package of white Crayola Model Magictm. 

Directions:  Bake the cake according to the directions on the package.  Place the cooled cake on a cake rack in the freezer.  When the cake is frozen, remove it from the freezer, and cut the cake into three equal pieces (lengthwise).  A frozen cake is much easier to cut and frost, as the cut edges won’t crumble as much when you are frosting them.  Place the pieces end-to-end on a cake board. Trim one end of the cake to resemble a sharp point.  Tint one container of the frosting silver for the blade-end of the sword, which should include approximately two “sections” of cake.  Tint the second container gold for the handle-end of the sword.  Use the black writing gel to add decorative details, and to write a birthday message along the blade of the sword.  Using the non-toxic Model Magictm, create a lip for the handle of the sword.  The lip can be painted or decorated using acrylic paint if you wish to embellish the mighty sword.  The modeling compound could also be used to create a dimensional lion that could be placed on the handle or the lip of the sword.  


A sundae bar filled with white and wintry treats would be a hit.  Vanilla ice cream, marshmallow cream, whipped cream, mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips, white sprinkles, and edible iridescent glitter will make the kids shiver with delight!

If you are providing a meal, serve some traditional British foods to pay tribute to the heritage of the Pevensie children.  Fish and chips, shepard’s pie (ground beef, gravy, simple vegetables and mashed potatoes), a hearty beef stew, and bread pudding would all be fare that even the pickiest of eaters would enjoy.

Offer some “Minion Magic” as a beverage.  Guests will be spellbound when they witness your power to turn an ordinary beverage into a magical drink!  Placed a punch-filled Snowflake Acrylic Goblet in front of each guest and zap each cup with a little White Witch wizardry (a few Pop Rockstm candies).  Since this candy is processed with carbon dioxide, it will crackle, pop, and spit when it comes into contact with a liquid. 

Don’t feel obligated to serve a meal, as most kids will only stop long enough to eat cake and ice cream. If you aren’t serving a meal, simply serve a few healthy treats mixed with some fun munchies that will be sure to empower your guests. 

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