Celebrate the Magic with a Chronicles of Narnia Party

Winter Paper Plate EnsembleThe Chronicles of Narnia is an extremely popular movie-based-on-a-book series with children, teens, and even adults. With the latest installment in the movie series due out this May, a Chronicles of Narnia Party is sure to be a hit with the younger crowd.

After selecting this theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in your invitations and to use in tying in decorations and favors to your Narnia™ theme.  Try one of the following, or brainstorm with the birthday boy or girl to come up with the perfect slogan for your party:
• “Enter the Wardrobe…for Madison’s magical Chronicles of Narnia Party!”
• “Some journeys take us far from home…journey to Robb’s birthday party for an icy adventure!”
• “Some adventures lead us to our destiny…and you are destined to party with Taylor!”
• “Join us as we save Narnia from perpetual darkness…and celebrate Audrey’s birthday!”


Choose the following invitation to let your young guests know that this party will be filled with awe-inspiring fun:
• The movie The Chronicles of Narnia is based on the beloved masterpiece book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, written by C.S. Lewis.  A licensed pattern of party goods for The Chronicles of Narnia is not available yet, but we absolutely love this theme, and believe that many of you will also.  Rather than wait to celebrate Narnia style, we are presenting our Let It Snow Ensemble to use with this theme.  The ensemble contains an invite that is perfect for a party that will take place in a frozen forest in the midst of a hundred years of winter.
• Be sure that the invitation notes that kids should “enter the wardrobe” at the address where the invitation specifies the location of the party.

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