Decorating Ideas for a School Reunion

Planning a reunion is an involved task. It takes a great deal of time to locate all your old classmates who have scattered across the globe. Once everyone is assembled though, the hard work pays off. It is fun to reminisce about the old days and catch-up with one another.

Decorating for the big night doesn’t need to be too involved. Remember that everyone is back to see each other, not some decorations. Why not give the reunion team a reminder of the past?
Decorating Ideas:
• Have old pictures from the yearbook blown up to poster size. Mount them on cardboard or foam core and place them around the room. Many copy stores can blow-up black and white and color photos to 11″x17″.
• Take old pictures, sections of the senior pictures from the yearbook work well, and photo copy them. Laminate them and use them for placemats.
• Decorate the room similar to the decorations used at the Senior Prom. Although decorating for the prom probably took a lot of time and energy, for the reunion, scale it down. If your theme was Stairway to Heaven, rent a set of stairs, cover them in white, and place snow batting or clouds at the base. Post a large sign with the theme – Stairway to Heaven.
• Decorate the tables with products from the past. If it is your 20th reunion, select items popular when you were in school. Buttons from political elections, magazines, books, records, you name it, it will get people talking of the good old days.

Activity Ideas:
• If your class voted on each other during the senior year – review the votes and see how everyone faired. Look at Most Likely to Succeed, Most likely to have 20 Kids, etc. If you sense this would hurt someone’s feelings, leave certain votes out. The goal is to have fun, not to make someone feel self-conscious.
• Make charts of the places people have lived since school, the jobs they have held, or the number of children they have.
• Look up old teachers and find out what they are doing. Have guests guess what the teachers are doing now. How many years did they teach? How old are they now?

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