Timetable for Planning a Fantastic Summer Fun Party

Stay organized and prepared with the planning timetable below! You can even print out the list and check off each item as you finish it.

3-4 Weeks Before The Party
• Set budget
• Rent tables and chairs
• Arrange for any special help
• Make a list of your basic supplies and needs
• Send out invitations
• Decide on theme and order decorations

2-3 Weeks Before The Party
• Plan your menu
• Prepare food ahead of time, if possible, and freeze
• Purchase favors and tableware
• Choose music
• Order any flowers
• Determine your event schedule for activities (games, mingling, food) – always have a few extra ideas in your bag

1 week Before The Party
• Finalize the headcount, but be flexible that it may change
• Purchase beverages
• Check camera equipment and purchase film

2-3 Days Before The Party
• Confirm all arrangements
• Purchase any fresh food
• Give helpers a specific task from your list
• Arrange your serving trays and dishes
• Arrange favors
• Decide on what you will wear!
1 Day Before The Party
• Decorate!
• Complete food preparation and pick up ordered food items
• Set tables
• Make room for coats and purses
• Purchase ice

The Day Of The Party
• Put out any outdoor decorations
• Set out bowls of candy and nuts
• Give last-minute instructions to helpers
• Set up the bar
• Prepare any last-minute food
• Put your camera out so you are sure to capture the memories
• Start the music, light candles, set the mood
• Get ready for the event – a bath, glass of wine, exercise – whatever gets you in the right mood
• Relax and enjoy the party!

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