Activities for a Pampering Mother’s Day Party

CD CasesThere are hundreds of activities that would be perfect for a Mother’s Day event – it just depends on the ages of your guests and how much activity you and your party setting are prepared to handle.  Here are some ideas for you to choose from based on the atmosphere you are trying to attain!

Set up your room like a spa equiped for some major mom pampering!  Prepare different spa type activities – have a manicure station, a massage station, and a facial/makeover station.  Play relaxing jazz music and light a couple of aromatherapy candles for a smoothing scent.

Play Name That Tune – a perfect game for all ages.  You will need a cd player and some compact discs with complilations of songs from different eras.  Play the first few bars and see which guest can name the tune the fastest.  Keep track of points and award the winner a CD Case Cover.

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