Activities for a Fun Kentucky Derby ® Party

Hat Craft KitThe main focus of your Kentucky Derby ® party should obviously be the race itself—create a pool or take fake bets of candy, unique I-Owe-U’s, and other fun items, or just watch. There’s other ways to pass the party time with fun and flair though.

Traditionally the Kentucky Derby is all about high-class fashion. That means hats. Create hats to impress even the most stylish belle. Use straw hats and trimmings like gossamer, glitter, paper, and pins, This craft activity is also a great way for guests to make their own favors. Make it a contest. Judge that hats based on most creative, most elegant, or on theme challenges.

Have a trivia face off. Gather tons of information about horse racing and the Kentucky Derby and have a team or individual battle of the brains. Don’t forget great rose or horse themed favors for the winners.

If there are little ones about have a hobby horse race. Set up a track and let them run around on the horses. They’ll love it!

Guests of all ages will love other race-themed events like sack races, three-legged races and other classic games.

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  • Thanks, Jim! We set one up for our party and sent an invite to our guests. People are lovin’ it!!

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