Cake Ideas for a Batman Party

Bat Static ClingsWith the newest Batman movie set to come out this summer, you’ll be a hit with kids of all ages when you host a Batman themed party!

This easy-to-create Bat cake is sure to please all your little superheroes!
What you’ll need:
• 10″ round cake pan
• 1 cake mix
• 2 – 16 oz. containers of ready-made frosting (Start with chocolate frosting as opposed to a white frosting, because black frosting may taste bitter if you add too much food coloring.  The chocolate frosting is easy to tint black, and the taste will not become bitter.)
• Black paste or gel food coloring
• 2-1″ Plastic Wiggle eyes
• 1-Black Pipe Cleaner to create antenae
• Cake board
• Bat Confetti (optional)

Bake cake according to directions on the package. After the cake cools completely, place in the freezer.  After the cake is frozen, cut the cake into a bat shape.  Cutting and frosting are much easier with a frozen cake, and you’ll avoid most of the crumbs created by a cut edge when frosting the sides.  Frost the entire bat shape with the black frosting.  Add wiggle eyes.  Bend pipe cleaner into a “V”-like shape, and curl top ends.  Add this to the top of the bat head.

Because you are cutting the cake into a shape, you will be discarding some of the cake, and will need to adjust the size accordingly. If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by two boxed mixes, we recommend that you bake extra cupcakes.  Simply frost the cupcakes with black frosting, and add one Batman Begins Bat-A-Rang (from the Favor Packs) to the top of each cupcake.

• Super Heroes eat hearty meals when they are on duty! Serve “Penguin Poppers” (Pizza Rolls, Chicken Nuggets) or “Penquin Pizza”, “Catwoman Claws” (Bugles for claw-like fingertips), “Mr. Freeze Cream” (Ice Cream), “Harlequin Hamburgers”, or “Two-Faced Sandwiches” (half of each ingredient on each side). Have your little Bat-fan help you name foods as a nod to Batman’s foes and friends.  Guests will marvel at the feat you’ve easily conquered!  Write the names of the food on Bat Static Clings with a paint pen or permanent marker, and wrap the clings around bowls or platter edges.
• Offer some “Poison Ivy Potion” as a beverage. Guests will be spellbound when they witness your power to turn an ordinary beverage into a drink that transforms! Start with green punch. After you have placed a filled glass in front of each guest, add a few Pop Rocks™ candies to each one. Since this candy is processed with carbon dioxide, it will crackle, pop, and spit when it comes into contact with a liquid.
• Don’t feel obligated to serve a meal as most kids ages 4-9 will only stop long enough to eat cake and ice cream. If you aren’t serving a meal, serve some snacking treats that will be sure to power-up your guests.  Acknowledge the danger that lurks within Batman’s world by serving dry snacks in an upside down Top Hat…Penquin’s favorite accessory!

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