Activities for a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

St. Pat’s CascadeMuch of the celebration of St. Paddy’s Day is centered around the green food and beer as well as the kisses and pinches. But we have a few suggestions for you if you wish to do something more planned.

On the back of a number of green die-cut shamrocks write some trivia questions. The questions can be fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day, fun facts about guests, or about things that are green. Place the shamrocks on the dining tables to act as ice breakers during the meal or have a contest to see who can answer the most correctly.
Place a giant Rainbow Mural on the wall and place a pot of gold at one end. Ask party guests to make a wish or prediction for the coming year. Review the wishes and predictions next St. Patrick’s Day.
It is never too late to start new holiday traditions. Why not hang a shamrock cascade decoration and call it a “Mistle/Shamrock/Toe” and encourage the kissing to begin – even if you aren’t Irish!
At the top of each hour, have your guests join in singing some old Irish folk songs! Start with “Danny Boy” and continue on to other Irish songs. If “Danny Boy” is the only song people know, then sing it again every hour!

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