Activities for a Beijing Summer Olympics Asian Party

Oriental Mini Party BoxesIf you will be holding your 2008 Summer Olympics party during the games or during the opening ceremony from China, you will need no activities other than food and a big T.V. for entertainment! If your event is prior to the actual happening in Beijing, then you may want to consider one or two of the following:

• Play upbeat music that encourages dancing and celebration. You may also want to include several Patriotic numbers as well as the theme song from the movie about the 1924 Olympics, “Chariots of Fire”.
• Divide your guests into groups and have them try to create a flag of a particular country. Assign each group a fairly unknown country (each group a different one) to see what they can come up with (not the UK, or Canada – no challenge in these!). Have a contest to see whose is most realistic, or how many other flags each team can guess.
• Create an obstacle course for your guests to make their way through.
• Divide the group up and have several relay races based on a summer theme. For example, have a swimsuit available that they need to run down to, dress up, and run back. Include flippers and a mask for extra fun!

Don’t forget about favors for prizes. Tell us your Olympic party activity ideas!

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  • Thanks for the fun ideas! I’m throwing a b-day celebration on the day of the opening ceremony and these ideas have given me good starting points.

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