Throw a Chinese New Year Party to Remember

The Chinese New Year is February 7th this year and you can make it a new year to remember with an awesome Chinese New Year Party. Gather friends and family for a fun night and use these Asian party supplies and tips to make your party a hit!

Invite guests to your party with a fan invitation printed with the details of your event or another custom printed Asian invitation such as the Shanghai Moon Invitation. It features metallic Chinese characters on a bright red invitation and your text.
Totally transform your party space with an Asian theme kit. Each kit is perfect for a different spin on an Asian theme. Try the Asian Dragon Kit for a classic Chinese New Year look. The Chinese Take-Out Decorations are perfect for a fun, festive party.

No matter which route you choose for your theme decorations, there’s a bunch of decorating accents to fill out your Chinese New Year décor. Use paper lanterns to add a soft glow to your party. A Chinese New Year Fan makes a great all decoration, as does the Chinese Parasol. Use Asian Patterned Gossamer to add a soft decorative touch to your walls, ceilings and tables. Gossamer is an easy decorating material to use and it looks fantastic. Add swags, drapes, curtains for chair bows with gossamer.

Decorate your tables with a Chinatown Tableskirt, paired with a red tablecover, some Chinese character confetti and a centerpiece like a lantern or Chinese Fortune Centerpiece makes for the perfect party table. Set an Asian Elegance Votive holder at each place setting. They make great decorations and party favors!

Send your guests home with festive favors to remember your party by. Paper fans are timeless favorites, but another great favor is a Chinese take-out box filled with candy, baked goods or other small favors. Kids also love Chinese yo-yos!

Tell us about your Chinese New Year traditions and check out our other Asian Party TipZ for more ideas.

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