Reasons to Celebrate in February

There’s more than Valentine’s Day in February. ShindigZ has tons of ideas for your Valentine’s party, but if you’re looking for a different reason to celebrate, we have you covered too.

Host a party for Elmo’s Birthday on February 3rd! This is a great party idea for schools, day cares or households that don’t have any birthdays during February. Everyone loves Elmo—adults and kids alike—and this party is sure to be tons of cuddly fun! Host an Elmo party using tableware items, decorations and a piñata. Add a new dimension to your decorations with an Elmo Airwalker Balloon, an airblown Elmo decoration or an Elmo’s World play house. Send guests home from this party with fun favors; pass out the Elmo Birthday Party Packs which can be personalized with each guests name on their own red tote bag.

President’s Day is February 18th this year and it’s another great reason to celebrate—especially if you don’t have work or school that day. This party is great for a patriotic theme. Check out our Patriotic Party TipZ for ideas on how to decorate. Entertain guests with a fun President’s Trivia Contest and award fun prizes such as flags, patriotic beads, red white and blue poms or personalized votives for the winner or the top competitor in each trivia category. Include things like funny moments in presidential history, which states presidents came from, how many terms each president had or when they were president. Because this is an election year, you can spice up your President’s Day party by adding a political twist. Check out our Super Tuesday TipZ for more ideas.

2008 is a Leap Year. Celebrate that extra day with a Leap Day Party. This party doesn’t have any natural theme, so you can pair it up with any theme you like! Just make it a day of fun with your family and friends. Rest up or play games or have a huge blow-out of a party, really it’s up to you, but for any theme or size you choose, there are tons of party supplies and Party TipZ to help you make it a Leap Day to remember.

Tell us your reasons to celebrate this February. Here are more of our ideas:

* Mardi Gras * Ash Wednesday* President’s Day* Chinese New Year* Black History Month * 2- Groundhog Day * 2- Wear Red Day * 7- Women (Girls) in Sports Day * 11- World Marriage Day * 12- Lincoln’s Birthday * 12- Man Day * 14- Valentine’s Day * 16- Do a Grouch a Favor Day * 17- Random Acts of Kindness Day * 22- Washington’s Birthday * 24- National Tortilla Chip Day * 27- International Polar Bear Day * 28- National Tooth Fairy’s Day * 29- Leap Day *

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