Host a Super Tuesday Party and Keep Up with the Election Buzz

Patriotic Couple Photo OpWho says you’re not supposed to talk about politics? The 2008 Presidential Election is all anyone is talking about this year. Get in on the action by hosting a Super Tuesday Party! There’s even more reason to party this year as 2008’s Super Tuesday is the biggest in history with 24 states holding their caucuses or primaries.

With record numbers turning out at the polls, your Super Tuesday party can be a really fun event to celebrate American Democracy. Focus on the patriotic element and leave the debating to the candidates to ensure a fun, tension-free evening.

Turn your living room into campaign headquarters with Patriotic Decorating Kits. The patriotic hats and USA letter set makes for a great decorations for your guests and room. As a fun alternative, guests will love taking hilarious pictures with an Uncle Sam and Statue of Liberty Stand In Photo Standee. They can stick their faces through the cut-outs and pose as the patriotic couple. The U.S. Flag Memories Mural makes a great decoration that you can personalize with your own wording and re-use throughout the entire election year or for the 4th of July.

Decorating accents such as red, white and blue star balloons, flag garland, bunting, patriotic stars decorating paper, and red, white and blue streamers also make awesome touches to your party. Check out our Patriotic Party TipZ for more ideas.

Decorating for the party can be part of the party. Use solid colored flat paper and banner paints to have guests design their own campaign posters—for a favorite candidate or for themselves. Hang the posters around the room and take a secret ballot vote to determine who the best poster designer is. Use cutout stars and a giant map mural to play a trivia game or to create a Super Tuesday Pool. Have guests affix stars with the names of the candidates they think will win the primary in each state to the map or see who can label each state or state capital correctly. You’ll be surprised how hard that is!

For a wearable activity, buy plain white t-shirts and fabric paints or iron-on decals. Guests can design their own election t-shirts supporting their favorite candidates or just the voting process in general.

Check out the USA Today Candidate Match Game for another fun party activity. Guests can find out which candidate the match up with on the most issues. It’s full of surprises.

It may not be as fast-paced as the Super Bowl, but there’s plenty of action in this race. Fuel your appetites while you watch the results come in with fun food popular at Super Bowl parties. That way, you can take advantage of the Super Bowl market specials (Super Bowl Sunday is just two days before Super Tuesday).

Send guests home with patriotic party favors such as red, white and blue poms, patriotic bubbles, confetti shooters, patriotic party favor packs, flags or star-shaped bead necklaces. They’ll be able to use their favors until November!

A Super Tuesday Party is a great idea for political junkies, government classes, or college dormitories looking to rock the vote. Tell us about your Super Tuesday Party or Election Party ideas!

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