Swan Valley High School Freshmen Create a Wonder of a Float

The Swan Valley High School freshmen class created a stunning float based on the theme “Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.” They incorporated their school mascot, the Vikings, into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to create a beautiful float using the slogan “This is Viking Country ‘The Eighth Wonder Of The World.’”

The two-sided float measured 14 feet high and 18 feet long and included horns, footballs, helmets and a Viking poised to attack the rival Panthers amid the garden, combining the intensity of football season with the serene wonder of the Hanging Gardens.

Swan Valley High School is in Saginaw, MI. Great job team!

We love hearing about your parade floats. Thanks to float designer William Kaiser for sharing!

Swan Valley High School Front

Swan Valley High School Back


  • Awesome Job! This really caught my attention. Can’t wait to see their float, next year…..Love the 2 Helmets and the football that was really unique.

  • Fantastic Job! We are about to build our 1st float for a non-profit horseback riding therapy ranch. I wanted to know how you supplied power to the lights I see through out the float? Thanks so much. Sincerely, Rising Son Youth Ranch

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