Food Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Lips & Kisses Party

“Spread the Love” Signature Spreaders SetOf course for this theme, the most obvious necessity on the food table is a huge bowl full of Hersey’s Kisses.  Any and all of the following suggestions are added treats that are sure to make the lips at your party smacking nonstop!

HEART SHAPED PIZZA – Follow the manufacturer’s directions for baking one package of Pillsbury Hungry Jack™ Biscuits. Before baking, shape the biscuits into “hearts” and press to approximately ½” thickness. They are quite easy to mold into whatever shape you like. Add pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and any toppings your heart desires. So easy to make, and they’ll delight young and old alike!

CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES – Clean 1-1/2 pounds of large strawberries, and set on paper towels to dry. Leave stems intact. In a microwave oven, melt one 12-oz. Bag of Nestle’s™ Chocolate Chips. Stir well. Dip strawberries into the chocolate by holding the stems. Cover about ¾ of each berry. Place the strawberries on waxed paper in the refrigerator to allow chocolate to set. Looks rich and decadent…and like you went to a lot of effort!

PINK HEART PANCAKES – Add red food coloring to any pancake batter. Spoon the pink batter onto a hot griddle into a heart shape, squeeze the batter out of a squeeze bottle for small hearts, or place a metal heart shaped cookie cutter directly onto the griddle.

SWEET JELLO™ TREATS – Young children always enjoy Jell-O™ Jigglers, and cutting red Jell-O into red hearts is an easy way make a Valentine treat. Add piped Cool Whip™ to the outside edge for an extra special treat. To impress even the most jaded of hearts, suspend a large red gummy heart inside pink Jell-O! Use one plastic cup (or our glass stemware would work perfectly) for each guest. Prepare the Jell-O according to the directions on the box, and fill cups or glassware with the mixture. Let the Jell-O set in the fridge until it starts to thicken. Add one large gummy heart to the center of the cup. The heart shouldn’t sink. Allow the gelatin to set completely before serving. Top with Cool Whip.

ICE CREAM SUNDAE WITH SECRET MESSAGE – Make ice cream sundaes using strawberry or vanilla ice cream, and provide all the toppings so each person can create his or her own masterpiece. Purchase Pepperidge Farms™ Pirouette cookies.Cut hearts out of white or pink paper, and write a special sweet message using permanent marker on each one – one for each guest or family member. Roll the message hearts up, and slip one into each cookie. Add one cookie to each completed sundae…a perfect Valentine treat with a sweet secret!

FORTUNES OF LOVE – Make homemade fortune cookies, and then personalize the fortunes for family and friends to wish them lots of love, good health, and much happiness for Valentine’s Day. Package them in our Heart Party Boxes (just like little Chinese carryout cartons) or in one of our Valentine Stadium Cups. Both can be found in our Valentine’s Store. Fill the cup or box with red metallic shred, and add the cookies…inexpensive, thoughtful and easy!

Here’s a recipe to make 48 cookies:
• 3/4 cup egg whites
• 1-2/3 cups sugar
• 1 cup unsalted butter, melted
• 1 cup flour
• 3/4 cup very finely chopped blanched almonds
• 1/2 tsp. vanilla
• 48 fortunes written on 3″ X 3/4″ strips of red or pink paper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix first three ingredients in a bowl until sugar dissolves. Stir in remaining ingredients, one at a time until well blended. Drop dough by level teaspoonfuls onto ungreased baking sheet. Allow 6 cookies per sheet. Bake 10 minutes, or until edges are golden brown. Remove cookies, one at a time, from baking sheet. Place 1 fortune in the center of each cookie; fold cookie in half; pinch sides together. Work quickly before cookies cool and harden. (Adults & ages 7-12 with adult supervision)

SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME KNOT – What you’ll need: 10-oz. Bag of pretzel twists (large or small), 7-oz. Bag of White chocolate chips, and Valentine sprinkles. Melt the candy chips in the microwave, stirring frequently. Dip the pretzels into the melted white chocolate, and top with Valentine sprinkles. Place the dipped pretzels onto waxed paper, and place in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens. These “love knots” are easy to make and delicious!

TREE OF LOVE – Bake and decorate lip shaped sugar cookies. The ready-made Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough™ can be rolled and used to make cutouts if your time is limited. Put each individual cookie into a little plastic baggie (not zip variety), and tie with red or pink curling ribbon. Find a good-sized tree branch, tie the cookies with curling ribbon to the branches, and you’ll have a “tree of kisses” centerpiece to snack from! For a truly special effect, add twinkle lights to the branches before adding the cookies.

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