Reasons to Celebrate this January

Patriotic-Doorway-DecorationsDecember is known for parties, but there’s no reason to give up celebrating just because New Year’s has come and gone. There are plenty of reasons to party in January!

January 16th is Hot and Spicy Food International Day. Celebrate by hosting a Fiesta! Decorate for this party with our Fiesta Decorating TipZ and be sure to include tons of Fiesta Tableware to serve your hot and spicy food on! Remember items like sombreros, marracas, fiesta beads, and other fun party apparel items. They make great party favors or door gifts.

January 28th is Bald Eagle Day, perfect for a patriotic party! This year, with all the buzz about caucusses and the 2008 election, is an especially fun year for a patriotic party. Just remember, too much political talk can ruin a fun party, so keep the theme to celebrating the democratic process! Decorate your party space with fun red, white and blue decorations like a patriotic arch or a giant Uncle Sam top hat! Cover the floor with red, white and blue or star patterned balloons like they do at national conventions. Check out our Patriotic Party TipZ for more ideas!

January is National Hobby Month, commemorate it with a crafting party! There are tons of party crafts perfect for having a ton of fun with your friends. Depending on your activities, this party could be great for all ages! Remember tons of fun tableware for eating snacks on.

Check out the other reasons to celebrate below and tell us your party ideas for January!

* National Hobby Month * National Soup Month * Martin Luther King Jr. Day* Super Bowl Sunday * 1- New Year’s Day * 3- Festival of Sleep Day * 3- Tolkein / Lord of the Rings Day * 7- Old Rock Day (perfect for a 50s theme party) * 8- Women’s Day * 14- National Dress Up your Pet Day * 16- Hot and Spicy Food International Day * 17- Customer Service Day * 18- Winnie the Pooh Day * 20- Islamic New Year * 22- Celebration of Life Day * 25- Opposite Day * 27- Thomas Crapper Day * 28- Bald Eagle Day * 31- National Popcorn Day * 31- Inspire your Heart with Art Day *

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