Invitation Tips for a Heart Themed Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s ConfettiIf you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party for your kid’s friends, or inviting several families over, or would just love to celebrate in a special way with your own kids, we have just the right ideas and products to make the celebration sweet and adorable! The excitement begins long before the event when you send out a sassy and clever invitation! Here are some ideas to do just that!

• There’s tons of personalized invitation designs that will look beautiful for your heart-themed Valentine’s Day party. For example, try the Gateway to Destiny or Bedazzled Invitation. Add your own wording and some heart confetti in the envelopes for a festive touch!
• For a crafty and unique invitation, purchase Large Die-Cut Hearts. Write the party information on the front, then cut it into pieces, making a jigsaw puzzle. Put the puzzle pieces in an envelope and mail. When your guests put the pieces together, the message can be read!


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