Tiaras Provide Many Ways To Celebrate

tiaraAll the Divas in your life deserve a tiara – daughters, sisters, mom and dearest friends! Tiaras can be used in so many ways:

  • Treat a friend or loved one as “Queen for the Day” on a birthday or other special occasion – she’ll love wearing the tiara everywhere she goes… and won’t she look just too cute at the grocery store!
  • All the little girls at your daughter’s Princess or Dress Up Party need a tiara. (Little girls will tell you how they yearned for a real tiara as a child!)
  • Add a tiara to a box of dress-up clothes. (Scientifically proven to be very healthy for your child!)
  • Be a hero, and donate a tiara to your school for Prom or Homecoming Court, the school play prop closet, or the classroom dress up box. Big brownie points with the teacher or the local prom committee!
  • Stage your own Miss America contest with your friends, and live out all your unfulfilled fantasies. A tiara as a prize would make a great girlfriend self-esteem builder!
  • High School, college or family reunions can be made a little more fun with the addition of a few tiaras. Just think of how many times the crown went to the wrong girl… and right that wrong once and for all!
  • Give a tiara to your daughter or granddaughter’s sports team (soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, cross country, track, golf, or tennis). There’s nothing like a group of girls arriving in tiaras to wither and wilt the psyche of the competition!
  • Every girl dreams of being a Princess Bride! Adorn the Bride and all her attendants with some crown jewels, and Prince Charming will willingly give up his Kingdom (or at least one round of golf)!
  • And of course, there always are weddings!

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