Make a Leap Day Birthday Four Times as Special!

Leap Day ClockSince Leap Year only comes around every four years, celebrate with a bang! Don’t hesitate to brag to your friends that you are only one quarter of their age and proud of it. To get you started on your Leap Year Birthday Celebration, here are a few fun ideas.

Start by rounding up everyone you can that shares your Special Leap Year Birthday. If you come up empty, no problem, that just shows you once again, how special you really are.

Select a slogan/theme to wrap your celebration around. The following list will start you off.

One Quarter of Your Age and Lovin’ it
Leaping Ahead, Because We Can
The Best Leap Since Neil Armstrong!
A Part of the Chosen Few – the “Eleapest”

Use your slogan throughout your party on personalized murals, personalized napkins, personalized glassware or stadium cups as well as personalized favors such as frames, bubbles, and photo albums. These cheerful reminders of a fantastic event will bring back memories long after the last hurrah has been heard.

Decorate your event to coordinate with your slogan/theme. The frog is a natural tie to Leap Year celebrations. Add a plush frog, glittering frog prince decoration, and 3-D hanging frog to your decor. Our friend the frog brings with it the color green. Starting with green add a second and/or third color to complete your color theme. We recommend yellow and blue. Use these three colors to decorate the table, walls, doors, and ceilings.

Decorate with balloons, balloons and more balloons. Decorating with balloons is an easy and affordable way to transform a room into a magical partyland. Create towering balloon archways, glorious balloon columns and funfilled balloon garlands. Weave the three colors together (green, yellow and blue) to work with your color theme. If you are low on time and air, inflate a few dozen balloons and dangle them from the ceiling (upside-down) using curling ribbon. It’s a simple way to create with balloons without the use of helium.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your head table. Place the birthday cake prominently in the center. A few ideas for a Leap Year Birthday cake include a frog shape cake resting on a pond of blue mylar, a lily pad resting on a pond of Blue Mylar with toy frogs on top, or a moon surface with a foot-printed imbedded placed on black star gossamer. Decorate the table with brightly colored Table Skirting, Confetti, Metallic Shred, green candles, and toy frogs. On either side of the cake, secure two bouquets of helium balloons.

Check out our Leap Day Party TipZ for more ideas.

Since a Leap Day Birthday only comes once every four years, it should be extra special. Creating a perfect party should be focused on the personality of the guest of honor. If the birthday person is a bit older, try hosting a party themed on how old they would be if only their actual birthdays counted. For example, if the birthday boy/girl is 16 they’d actually be 4. Having a party at Chuck-e-Cheese’s could be a blast. Or, if the guest of honor is turning 65, host a Sweet 16 party! Check out our other party tips for tons of ideas for fun party themes.

Tell us about your Leap Day Birthday parties!


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