Enjoy the Hectic Holidays with a Shopping Party

The Holiday Season has officially begun! Christmas is on its way and that means you have a lot of shopping, planning, and baking to do! Ease some of that holiday stress with a shopping party with your friends.

In this case, we are going to start with one of our Christmas banners for inspiration, the Trendy Christmas Presents square banner shown here. Of course we have several Christmas banners with gift/present motifs, so do please browse for more traditional color scheme options. When you find one you like, put your shopping party message on it.

Next, visit Create-an-Invitation. Using the Trendy banner as a guide, select a blue background and the green, pink and red stacked presents graphic. Detail how you’ll spend the afternoon or evening, whether guests should bring a dish to pass, and so on. Ask for RSVP ASAP so you can figure out car pooling arrangements to the mall!

Set cute tables for snacks or a light lunch to eat before hitting the town. Select fresh lime and candy pink solid tablecovers for this job. Cover tables in the pink, and wrap empty boxes in the green to look like gifts as centerpieces. Use a royal blue gossamer streamer for ribbons and bows, doubling it for opacity if you want. Use more colors of tablecovers and streamers for multiple tables and different sized boxes for stacking.

Continue working your colors in lime, pink and blue using solid color tableware and balloons. Add darker green or red accents if you wish.

Once you’ve enjoyed some food and drink together, head out to the mall to do some holiday shopping. Think of something relaxing to do afterward, too. Visit a spa, go ice skating or build a snowman. Schedule a class at craft store and spend a couple hours learning how to paint, sew or knit. There’s plenty of great ways to have fun together and get a break!

For this type of party, favors are not usually expected, but they’d still be a special surprise! Fill lime paper favor bags with gourmet instant coffee mixes, chapstick or lipgloss, holiday scented candles and other fun surprises! If you’re bringing younger girls with you, put together a girls’ Create-a-Favor pack.

We hope these tips are helpful for a fun shopping day party with your friends. Let us know about your holiday shopping party!


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