Fifties Theme Party Always A Hit

50s juke boxParties with a 50’s theme are excellent choices for Rock n’ Rollers of all ages but are especially popular with teens and adults. Just ask Jill Thomsen who put on a party for Culver City.

The first thing that you must decide on is a setting for your fabulous 50’s party! has many decorations that will help you create an atmosphere that is sure to Rock ‘n Roll! Here are three popular setting ideas and some decorations that complement each!

Sock Hop:
“Twist and Shout – come on, come on, baby now!” – if music is going to be center stage at your event, a Sock Hop motif is the way to decorate! The At The Hop Decorating Kit is the perfect place to start!

Accent your decorations with several Plastic Records hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. Create balloon arches with white and pink Balloons. Dangle the Records from the center. A jukebox is a vital part of a Sock Hop. Depending on your budget, either rent a working one, or use our Jukebox Standee for a realistic looking substitute! Cover your walls with a Sock Hop Patterned Corrugated Paper. Don’t shy away from the use of balloons to make a huge impact at a very low cost! Group latex balloons along with Sock Hop Mylar Balloons for an extra snap!

Cover your dance floor with our Black and White Poly Vinyl for the checkerboard look that was so popular in the 50’s.

Carry your Sock Hop theme to your tables with one of the following centerpieces:

  • Fabulous 50’s Centerpiece
  • Hopelessly Devoted Centerpiece
  • Rock-N-Roll Centerpiece
  • Sock Hop Centerpiece
  • Don’t forget a sprinkle or two of Rock ‘n Roll Confetti on your table! Setting a table with the partyware, including the tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery is the fastest way to create a focal point in a room. Start by setting your table with all the goodies in our Fabulous 50’s Kit-N-Kaboodle, including setting a place setting at the table for each birthday guest. Your guests won’t miss a beat when they sit down for a bite at this table!

    Soda Shop:
    ShindigZ Fifties Party in Culver CityA Soda Arch is the perfect way to welcome your guests to your sweet ice cream eating bash! This one is especially perfect for a child’s party! Place a Giant Soda next to your food table as a larger than life taste of the 50’s. You can’t have a soda shop setting without the ice cream! Add easy to hang Ice Cream Cones and hang them everywhere you can!

    Create pretend soda shop billboards and place your actual menu for the party on them. Cover an unsightly wall with a Soda Shop Mural Make mouths drool with one of these spectacular Soda Shop Centerpieces!

    Drive In:
    Set the stage for your party with a Hopelessly Devoted Kit. Park some old time 1950’s Chevy’s around the parking lot for a nostalgic stroll outside! If you can’t find the real thing, place a large ’57 Chevy Mural on a wall for the next best thing! Hang a Car Hop Mural on the wall for some authentic drive-in fun, or strategically place a pair of Betty Boop Car Hop Standees next to your food table for a fun conversation starter! A perfect centerpiece for a 1950’s style drive-in would include three Float Candles placed on a shiny metal tray along with some confetti and a bouquet of helium balloons!

    Add one or a few of the following touches to personalize your table:
    Scatter bubble gum across your buffet table, or place one at each place setting for an unexpected treat!
    Any fifites centerpieces are a hit when placed on a pink Tablecloth to complete the 50’s table! If you are artistically inclined, try drawing white poodles randomly scattered on the cloth!

    Make the atmosphere authentically 50’s by serving Coca Cola out of Rock Around The Clock Cola Glasses. Place a pair of Sunglasses at each table setting and tuck a pink napkin in the fold of the glasses – instant clever napkin ring!


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