Show Your Colors When You Decorate for an Election Party

Patriotic-Star-ArchWhether you are organizing a fund raising event in support of your favorite candidate, gathering a group to watch the election returns, or planning a celebratory post-election day party, fill it with fun so that regardless of the election results you’ll have backed a winner!

• Decorate your party location in a sea of red, white and blue by checking out hundreds of patriotic products. Fill your party location with patriotic decorations galore…flags of all shapes and sizes, centerpieces, bunting, garland, streamers, banners, columns, balloon arches, a star balloon drop, door coverings, lights, and tissue fans.
• Hang campaign posters and banners provided by the political party you are supporting around your party room.
• Line the entryway, driveway, or sidewalks with star luminarias. Light votive or tea light candles inside the luminarias before the festivities begin. As an alternative, line the entryway with staked flags spaced 2-3′ apart.
• Scatter shimmer stars outside the entryway, and place helium filled balloon bouquets outside the site to “mark the spot”.
• Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons, as they can transform any room into a festive space in minutes at a very low cost. Choose from a wide variety of high quality latex and Mylar balloons in patriotic shapes, sizes, and patterns.

• Hang red, white, (or silver) and blue metallic curtains over the entrance door or behind the podium if the candidate will be making an appearance, or if there will be an occasion for speeches/toasts. They also provide a terrific photo backdrop.
• Place Old Glory Skimmers up side down around the room and fill them with a variety of items including munchies, American flags on staffs and red, white and blue leis. Small ballot boxes can also hold a variety of party goodies…right on theme!
• Patriotic top hats or skimmers make terrific bases for centerpieces. Place three or five helium filled balloons attached to a balloon weight in an upside down hat, and add tissue paper or metallic shred to cover the weight. Easy and inexpensive!
• If you are decorating a large area, or want to make any area look more intimate and festive, use gossamer to drape, swag, or cover just about anything. Ceilings, walls, doorframes, edges of table skirting, or tabletops all look terrific when accented with red, blue, or star gossamer. Create a tent-like appearance by gathering the gossamer at a central point in the ceiling and draping it to the walls. Many unsightly gymnasiums and banquet halls have been transformed into fantasy locations using gossamer.
• If red, white and blue aren’t your style, decorate using All-American items and themes. Incorporate baseball, home-style cooking, old cars or old fashioned Wild West heroes. Whatever you associate with America can make a perfect starting point for decorating.

Let us know about all of your election party ideas and stories and check out our 4th of July party tips for more ideas!

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