Patriotic Invitations for a Fun Political Party or Election Event

USA Confetti PouchWhether you are organizing a fund raising event in support of your favorite candidate, gathering a group to watch the election returns, or planning a celebratory post-election day party, fill your party with food, fun and a festive atmosphere. Regardless of the end result, your party can be a landslide winner with your political peers!

• Start the affair in style by sending out patriotic invitations. Select star-shaped, flag or firework invites. Add a touch of star confetti to the invitation before mailing. As an alternative, send computer designed invitations wrapped in a red, white or blue western bandanna, and encourage guests to come to the party wearing the bandanna. Let them know they have the “freedom” to wear this accessory any way they choose! Offer a prize at the party for the most creative use of the bandanna.
• Personalize your Election bash. Use the slogan associated with the candidate or party you are supporting, or create your own simple message of support. Have the slogan printed on napkins, stadium cups, stemware, mugs, or frames. Use a simple theme arched over a flag, star, Liberty Bell, or fireworks and add the date of the event or the year at the bottom.


  • Was wondering if you have a catologue you send out so I can see what you have. I’m on the decorating commity at the American Legion and I like what I see of your products.

    THank you

  • american flag star theme bandanna

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