Activities and Games for an Election Party

Patriotic Couple Photo Op If you’re hosting a party to watch the heated political debates, to raise funds for a candidate or to await the election results, planning some activities is a good idea to pass the moments between questions or waiting on polls to close.

Plan a trivia contest with fun facts about American Presidents, geography, inventions or folklore. A terrific resource for biographical information about every former President of the United States is the “Scholastic Encyclopedia of Presidents and their Times” by David Rubel. Lots of relevant and obscure trivia!

Obtain a copy of the sample citizenship test from the Department of Immigration and Naturalization, and play a version of ” Who Wants to be an American Citizen?” building from simple to difficult questions. The sample test can be obtained by calling the toll free number for your state listed in the “Government Section” of the phone book. Chances are, even the most patriotic citizens will need to use a lifeline on some of the questions! This is a great activity to engage in to pass the time as the results of the election unfold.

Play pin the tail on the donkey–or the elephant–based on which party you support!

Create quizzes to determine how well guests know the candidates, current events and issues. This is a great activity for politcally saavy crowds.

Let us know about your election party activities!

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