Reasons to Celebrate this November

Sesame Street PartyIf Thanksgiving is too far away and you want another reason to celebrate this month, check out these tips for parties in November!

November 10th is Sesame Street’s Anniversary. This makes for fun parties for kids, famililes and adults! Decorate using Sesame Street ensembles, Elmo mylar balloons and streamers. Kids will love playing with the toys and prizes in a Sesame Smiles favor pack. Older kids and adults might enjoy Sesame Street trivia and other games like an Elmo pinata!

November 12th is National Pizza with the Works Day, perfect for a pizza party. Your co-workers, students, or friends will love taking a lunch break to eat pizza together. Decorate with Italian party decorations and bright colored plastic tableware. It’s great for mixing and matching your favorite colors, plus there’s little clean up afterward.

November 19th is Square Dance Day. It’s perfect for hosting a western themed party. Decorate for a square dance bash with western theme kits. You can transform your party space into a barnyard, western saloon, or a wild desert scene with the great decoations included in the kit. Plus, there’s a huge variety of western favors guests will loved. For more ideas check out our Western Party TipZ!

There are tons of reasons to celebrate this Novemeber. Tell us about your parties!
* Aviation History Month * Thanksgiving * Black Friday * 1- All Saint’s Day * 3- National Housewife’s Day * 3- National Sandwich Day * 5- National Doughnut Day * 6- Election Day * 9- Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Day * 10- Sesame Street Anniversary * 11- Veteran’s Day * 12- National Pizza with the Works Day * 14- OR Nurse Day * 16- International Day for Tolerance * 17- Homemade Bread Day * 19- Square Dance Day * 20- Absurdity Day * 30- Mark Twain’s Birthday *


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