ShindigZ Customers Take to the Lake for a Pirate Party

A ShindigZ customer tells us about her pirate themed boating party:

Dear ShindigZ,

This summer our family threw a Pirate Themed Party using your products to decorate our boat like a real pirate ship. We dressed up in costumes—even the dogs—and hit the lake for an awesome day. Your products were great for all of the decorating and accessorizing our costumes!

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We made some pirate sails using carpet tubes and black fabric. We made sure to paint the tubes a dark brown or black so they looked like real wood. Using rope we attached the fabric like sails and lashed the masts to the boat. We topped each of the masts with a pirate flag and a skull and cross bones mylar balloon.

We lined the boat with brown fabric, covering the white interior so it looked more like a pirate ship. Then, we added a treasure chest to the boat to hold snacks. It added an extra realistic touch and was a really fun way to make space on the boat. We also added a captain’s wheel to the back of the boat for a finishing touch.

Once the boat was decorated, we got busy dressing up ourselves! We dressed up in pirate costumes with pirate party hats and pirate scarves. We blew up inflatable parrots to perch on our shoulders and added fake scars or gold teeth to our outfits.

Some Captain Jack Sparrow hats and beards were big hits with our sons and their friends. The girls had a great time pretending to walking the plank and playing with the dogs who were dressed up in pirate dog costumes.

Our pirate party was a big hit and we couldn’t have done it without your pirate party decorations!



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