Get Creative with ShindigZ Mask Decorations


Venetian MaskRecently, a ShindigZ customer got creative with our Jumbo Mardi Gras Mask decorations. As part of a Venetian-themed event raising money for Breast Cancer research. The masks were redecorated as part of a series of five and each was auctioned off. Several hundreds of dollars for were raised to support the fight against Breast Cancer thanks to these beautifully decorated masks!

Check out the beautiful masks decorated by a delighted ShindigZ customer!

You can get creative yourself using our Mardi Gras mask wall decoration or Jumbo Mask Standees. Use spraypaint, sprayglitter, feathers, paper mache, sequins, gossamer streamers, or any other decorating material you can think of to transform our masks into personalized decorations with your own special flair.

A fun craft for a party, classroom or other event is decorating masks to wear! Plastic masks make the perfect base for creating cool Mardi Gras accessories or masquerade Venetian Maskcostumes.

We’re always glad to hear about the cool things customers are doing with our products. Tell us about your ideas!

Plus, be sure to check out our Mardi Gras TipZ and Masquerade TipZ for more ideas on how to use masks to create an awesome decoration or themed event!


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