Sweet Favors for Tea Party Princesses

Strawberry Hat Craft KitFavors For a Dainty Tea Party:

•Create Tea Party Favor Packs by selecting a favor box or bag and including an elegant selection of treats from our party favor store at prices that will fit any budget. We suggest the Straw Basket with lip gloss, a flower gel pen, sequin slap bracelet, jewel stick-ons, and glitter nail polish.
• As an alternative, dress up party favor packs are sure to delight little society mavens.
• Nothing says tea party more than anything pink and fancy. Treat each little lady to a feather boa, and white lace parasol, and watch her eyes light up. Pinky fingers will immediately be lifted from the tea cups, and gracious manners will abound!
• Have inexpensive personalized bubbles imprinted with your party slogan, a wonderful touch for any birthday party!
• A young lady with a full social calendar can never have too much jewelry. Give each girl a special stash of jewels so she’ll dazzle and shine wherever she goes! After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
• Treat the birthday girl to a new dress up costume. After the party she can wear it for Halloween, and it will also make a great addition to a dress up box!
• Glow items are a universal favorite of girly-girls everywhere!

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