Fabulous Favors for an Anniversary Party

Etched Flute and MugSend your guests home with something that will make them remember this special celebration for years to come. Here are a few party favors to consider!

• Check out custom imprinted glassware. It’s available in flutes, goblets, mugs, and snifters in a multitude of sizes, shapes, style and color options. Guests can drink water, soft drinks, etc. from a special glass, then take the glass home and fondly recall the party every time they see the glass.
• Also available are parfaits, dessert dishes, and candy dishes. All will add a lovely, elegant touch to your tables. Tie a small piece of curling ribbon, gossamer streamer, or even a party horn to each stem (attached with metallic garland) for a festive look. The glassware can also hold a gathered cloth or paper napkin to create a tall dramatic look at each place setting, or on a buffet table. Glassware filled with candy, mints, or chocolate treats or with metallic shred to match your theme colors also creates a terrific table accent.
• Give guests personalized frames imprinted with special party details. If your budget is limited, try imprinted acrylic frames. When the party is over, the frame can be filled with a photograph. Either use a Polaroid camera to send a picture home with each of your guests, or mail souvenir photos at a later date with thank you notes for gifts. Make sure that you have plenty of film on hand, so that you can take lots of pictures of the couple with each family/couple/ or individual in attendance.
• Let each guest feel the same warm feeling they experienced as a child looking with wonder at a newly shaken snow dome. Personalized snow globes can be imprinted with a special message in a color to match your chosen color theme, and can hold a 2″ X 3″ souvenir photo of your guest. Using the same concept as outlined in the frame section above, the Snowdomes make wonderful placecards or an ideal holder for a special poem or drawing.
• One of the most economical and fun favors we offer is a bottle of personalized bubbles. The label on the bubbles can be imprinted with your theme or special design graphic, in your color of choice. The bubbles look great on tables as a stand-alone favor, or you can tie a piece of curling ribbon in an accent color to the neck of the bubbles. For more formal occasions, the bubbles are just as much fun and a great table accent when wrapped elegantly! Cut circles out of gossamer, netting or tulle (9″ in diameter). Place the bubbles in the center of the circle, wrap and tie with a 12″ length of thin satin ribbon or curling ribbon.
Favor boxes also provide an economical table accent. They can be filled with candy, mints, nuts or toy trinkets for each guest. If you are filling the boxes with candy, select candy in a color that complements the colors you will be using for your other decorations. To save money on the volume of “treats” you will need to fill each box, start by filling each box with some metallic shred or a little gossamer “puddle” in a coordinating color.

We have tons of other Party Favors for you to chose from!

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