Activities for a Memorable Anniversary Party

Personalized Graphics Photo BannerThere is nothing more nostalgic than creating a tradition of retelling the wedding story. Have the guests of honor include as many details as possible. Story telling is a traditional way to pass on information from one to another and it keeps the memory alive. If there are several generations, have each tell the story from their own viewpoint. What important details and funny things did Grandpa see at the wedding? Ask the same questions to the siblings of the bride and groom because each personal will have a different, yet colorful perspective.

Here are some other activities for the celebration:
• Create a video presentation that spans the life of the bride and groom. There are many services out there these days that can take all of your old photos and put them into video form with background music of your choice. Be sure to include holidays, vacations, births, and other special events for a complete tribute to their lives together.
• Dance through the years. Not everyone likes to dance, but most like to laugh and remember. Select different types of music from different years. Have each couple pull a style of dance or music from a hat and have them perform the dance. The other couples have to determine which dance they are attempting!
• Place disposable cameras on tables and encourage guests to use them. You’ll have plenty of warm memories captured to pass along to your appreciative friends. A nice touch for any celebration would be to set up a photo backdrop area – either with columns, a balloon arch or a metallic curtain – so that the couple can have their picture taken with either individuals or groupings of their choice.
• Visit the library and get copies of newspapers (front pages) from the wedding day, 5 years later, 10 years later, etc. Type a list of events from the front page of each and have the guests determine what year it was. Select some newspapers with dates far apart and some close together to make it harder.
• Guess the price game. Have guests work as individuals or teams to guess the prices of key products dating back to the date of the event. What did people pay for a gallon of milk 50 years ago? What was the price of a new Ford truck? The team or individual with the closest guesses wins – but everyone will have fun reliving the past!
• Create a Christmas Tree Keepsake. No matter what time of year you are celebrating an anniversary for a special couple, this keepsake can be presented at the party for a new seasonal tradition to begin. First, purchase an artificial Christmas tree of any size. Gather old and present photos of family members, special events, homes, etc. Create small ornaments by mounting these photos (or copies of photos) onto flat or corrugated paper cut into stars, ovals, or any other shapes. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of each ornament and tie ribbon through it for hanging. Have special guests present the ornaments to the couple that night by hanging them on the tree and saying a brief word about the photos. Each Christmas season after that, the couple will be proud to display their meaningful tree in their home.


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