Thank the Gals with Bachelorette Party Favors

Girls’ Night Out Bride GlassA fun way to give out favors during a bachelorette party is to periodically give them out during the evening to aid in the partying or make the bride feel even more embarrassed at the attention she is receiving! Here are some ideas for hilarious, attention-getting fun!

• Poly leis and wrist leis
• Light-up rings
• Hats
• Bubbles
• Toss Beads
• Glow Necklaces

Bachelorette Bash buttons are a great way to keep track of the party throughout the night and they make cute keepsakes as well.

Check out fun favors including the Girls’ Night Out Bride Glass and the Bachelorette Party can cozy. They’re perfect for a night out on the town and guests will love hanging on to them for years to come.

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