Gather the Girls for a Bachelorette Party!

Last Chance for Romance Beverage NapkinThere is no better occasion than a bachelorette party to let loose and have some wild and crazy fun with your girlfriends! Decide now whether you will be holding the blast at a nightclub, your home, or another location. If you choose to have it at a location away from home, it will cut down on your decorating needs, but it may not be as personal. For the most intimate surroundings, choose your own living room! To make the party memorable, why not choose a theme and build your evening around it? Here are some theme ideas:
• Round-the-Clock Theme
• Lingerie theme
• Kitchen theme (include recipes with gift)
• Outdoor theme
• Holiday theme

If you decide to go with a theme, make sure your invitations work well with it. For example, if you choose the Round-the-Clock theme, check out a Clock Invitation and set the clock differently for each guest. Explain on the inside of the invitation that they are to bring a gift that the bride will use at that given time of day. People have been known to be very creative with this!

A cute general invitation for a bachelorette party would be to create your own using a collection of pictures of the bride. Try to get several pictures of her with previous boyfriends and make a collage of them on the front of the invitation. On the inside of the card write something like, “Sally is finally settling down, let’s celebrate this long-awaited event with a bash!”


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